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"Mmili" means "water" in the Igbo language spoken in the eastern and southeastern parts of Nigeria, West Africa. "Water is life's matter and matrix, mother and medium. There is no life without water." - Albert Szent-Gyorgy

The Mmili Mission

The Mmili Mission

Our mission is to bring free running water to the Oraifite village in eastern Nigeria as well as grant scholarships to the children of the village based on academic merit. If you would like to get involved & provide any goods or services, please fill out the form below or click here to donate.

Name: Ifunanya Obiagwu       Age: 13      Neighborhood: Ogwugweuzeani

Ifunanya is one of the first of two students that Afam personally sponsors. With just $150 per term*, Ifunanya’s tuition, school supplies, and pocket money were covered. *There are 3 terms in a school year.


Chimezie is the second of the first of two students that Afam personally sponsors. With just $150 per term*, Chimezie’s tuition, school supplies, and pocket money were covered.  *There are 3 terms in a school year.


My name is Afam Egbochuku. I am a professional Kick Boxer/Muay Thai Fighter and I am also a Business Analyst for an Energy Company in San Diego, California.  I am from a small village in Eastern Nigeria under the Igbo tribe called Oraifite (specifically Ogwugwuezani, Ibolo Oraifite). In the village, electricity is a luxury not a given. There is no running water so the people have to either go to a “borehole” and pay to fetch water or trek miles to the river. They are ruled by a corrupt government that shuns the Igbo tribe because of their history of wanting to secede from Nigeria to create another country that would have been called Biafra. Life is hard and they suffer but they are always smiling.

I came out to America in the fall of 2000 to further my education.  I graduated in 2006 with a Bachelors in Applied Mathematics from the University of California San Diego. I feel blessed and lucky to have come from humble beginnings to now be in a position to give back to my people. I started a scholarship fund for the children in my village back home. Two kids are nominated each year by the village elders based on their character and academic performance. I fully cover their tuition, pocket money and any extra provisional needs.

My goal is to also bring free running water “mmili” to my village as well. In the process, Project MMili was born.

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